July 22

5:30 PM

Peter Rough, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, will offer his insights based on the working summit of NATO held in Washington, DC in early July. At 75 years, the alliance faces challenges today that challenges its future.

NATO at 75: Reflections on the Washington Summit with Peter Rough of the Hudson Institute

On July 10-11, President Biden will invite 31 allied leaders along with partners from around the world to Washington to celebrate 75 years of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This is a working Summit, however, as the alliance looks not only to celebrate the past but also to tackle the challenges of today. From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on NATO’s eastern flank to the scourge of terrorism emanating from the alliance’s southern flank of North Africa and the Middle East, the U.S. and its allies face a darkening security environment. Please join Peter Rough, senior fellow at the Washington-D.C. based Hudson Institute, for a discussion on NATO and how the United States aims to make the alliance fit for purpose today. This event is covered by a grant for members of PAWAC, but you must register for numbers. This event is FREE for PAWAC members and students.