February 11

4:00 PM

Saturday, February 11, 2023 at 4 pm Five Points Washington Experience the rich global cultural and ethnic diversity found locally!

Global Fest Central Illinois: A celebration of our diverse and dynamic neighborhood!

Experience the rich global cultural and ethnic diversity found locally. There will be booths featuring the dynamic elements of numerous cultures, including educational materials on the traditional attire, holidays, customs, and fun facts about each culture and group. In addition, there will be musical and dance performances that weave through the event space, offering participants the opportunity to immerse themselves briefly in the global cultures of Central Illinois.


The highlights of the day include performances by the Peoria Ballet Company and the Central Illinois Ballet Company. These beautiful performances will offer the spectators a delight for their senses as they see the artistic expression of the diverse cultures of Central Illinois through dance, music and costuming. Their performances will be joined by the Peoria International Choir and PJ Dance Academy, and more performances are being added weekly