A political society does not live to conduct foreign policy; it would be more correct to say that it conducts foreign policy in order to live.
George F. Kennan

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Diplomacy can and will matter; little is inevitable in international relations.
Richard Haass

Recurring Programming

Distinguished Speakers Series

On the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm, PAWAC features a distinguished policy maker or thought leader who will explore the selected topic. These distinguished speakers begin the program by sharing own insights and experiences, followed by a moderated conversation with the participants. Distinguished speakers have been sitting and former ambassadors, diplomats in a variety of capacities, academics, business leaders, heads of global non-profit organizations, and more.


World Affairs Wednesdays

On the first and fourth Wednesdays at noon, PAWAC hosts a wide variety of speakers for a lunch-time conversation via Zoom. These events utilize academics and others who are able to approach a global topic in 20 minutes, and field questions for discussion for 30 minutes. A terrific global education lunch break! (suspended at this time)


Global Peoria

On the second Thursday of the month, journalist Shelley Epstein selects on of the global hot topics in the news. He then conducts an interview with a local expert via Zoom who can expand upon the news item, emphasizing the local connection. Participants are invited to join the interview with questions and comments of their own.


Book Club

The PAWAC Reads! Book Club meets quarterly to discuss a work of non-fiction. The group selects the book and decides who will lead the discussion. PAWAC Reads! meets on the last Sunday of January, April, July, and October at 2 pm at the North Branch of the Peoria Public Library. This meeting is held in person and on Zoom.