Force yourself to be thoughtful about inclusion. Inclusion means you hear someone, that you live in an environment where they can speak their truth.
Melody Hobson

• • •

Change comes from listening, learning, caring and conversation.
Gwen Ifill

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Peoria Area World Affairs Council has always been committed to promoting diverse global and cultural perspectives. In recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement and the social and civil rights work to be done on this and many other issues, PAWAC is making efforts to engage with racial justice and equity matters in our own community as well as abroad. 

A few commitments made my PAWAC in 2022 include:

 - Expansion of the board of directors to engage a broader community

 - Annual training of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the world and in Illinois

PAWAC has created a standing committee to grow a more represented and understood community through education and "uncomfortable talks". Any member who wishes to work on these efforts should indicate their interest by sending an email to