Events will be held in person when possible, and always simultaneously via Zoom!

Upcoming Events

A Conversation with Her Royal Highness Ambassador Reema Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States

Please join us via Zoom and learn more from the Saudi perspective from HRH Ambassador Reema, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States.

June 29 @ 5:15 PM

Legendary Turkey: Travelogue with World Traveler Don Samford

Don Samford is the perfect world globe trotter to offer a travelogue - knowledgeable, well-read, and a prolific photographer! Join us to learn more about the rich history of the country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Join us at the Peoria Public Library, North Branch, for this delightful journey through Turkey.

July 20 @ 6:00 PM

PAWAC Reads! Quarterly Book Club Meeting

Join us at the Peoria Public Library North Branch to discuss Red Roulette by Desmond Shum. A lively discussion of an interesting side of China's society!

July 23 @ 2:00 PM

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What is a World Affairs Council?


Since 1970. Always nonprofit and nonpartisan, the Peoria Area World Affairs Council is a community for regular people of all walks of life who want to know more about international issues. It’s a place in which friends engage in active learning to become informed world citizens. Council programs help members contextualize global developments in a way that is meaningful to our economy and daily lives right here in Central Illinois. Read more about PAWAC, its history, and values at the link below and see the “About” section in the menu.


Since 1918. The World Affairs Councils of America was formed at the end of World War I with the goal of “engaging the public and leaders to better understand global affairs and America’s role in the world” to support the world's efforts to bring about a just peace. With early support from John Foster Dulles and Eleanor Roosevelt, the organization in 1923 became the Foreign Policy Association. Now the national network includes almost a hundred independent World Affairs Councils across the US. Click the link below to go to WACA’s website.

About WACA

Bringing the World to Central Illinois since 1970 with the first conference, China in Perspective

Photograph of speaker from First Annual Conference in 1970.

Original Founders

  • Ruth and Zealy Holmes
  • J. Terry Iversen
  • Alfred Katz
  • Jerome Metzger
  • Dennis Mcinerny
  • Louise and Lyle Reeser
  • Elmo Roach
  • Janet Roth
  • Richard Sanders
  • Pola Triandis
  • Genevieve Watson

Sustaining Founders

  • Charles Bush
  • Andy Fograsher
  • Larry Resutko
  • Don Samford
  • Connie Tomczyk
  • Judy Triggs

Honorary Founders

  • Barb Drake
  • Michelle Eaton
  • Patricia Luthe
  • George "Mac" Pogue
  • John Rathbun
  • Angela Weck
  • Shawn Weck

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Why is PAWAC valuable to people in our community? Don't take our word for it. Here is what some people have to say:

You all know what a terrific group the Peoria Area World Affairs Council is because it serves a more critical need than ever in educating this area on global issues. It is wonderful to be able again to get involved. The highlight was the national conference. We were saturated with high quality information.

--Janet Roth, District Manager, Social Security Administration

Judy Triggs,
retired teacher

Frannie Heine,
Maui Jim, Inc.

"I am amazed at how often our programs coincide with breaking news, whether trade policies or what’s happening in the Koreas. And so I look forward to hearing a retired ambassador and lifelong diplomat talk about the importance of rebuilding our foreign service for the next generation. One of the unexpected pleasures of PAWAC involvement has been the opportunity to spend time in conversations over dinner with compatriots whose brains are much alive. I can hardly wait to do that again when we can but am pleased with how well PAWAC continues to educate us on our screens in our homes."

--Barb Drake, retired editor at the Peoria Journal Star

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Country of the Week


Test your knowledge in this New York Times Country of the Week quiz at the link below. Also see our Resources page for more information on this and other nations of the world. Expand your global horizons one country at a time with this quick weekly feature. And if you enjoy trivia, be sure to try out World Affairs Trivia, which focuses on weekly international news developments.

Educators Circle

The World Affairs Council supports students, parents, classroom teachers, and other educators in our shared mission of international education. We offer many avenues for teachers and others to connect to the global conversation, and we are happy to discuss individual collaborations for your classroom needs. Being part of our Educators Circle is free and no commitment, and we strongly encourage retired teachers to register as well.