No policy is sustainable without a public that broadly understands why it’s necessary and sees the world the way you do.
Thomas Friedman

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Because of new technologies, new wealth, new conditions of domestic life and of international relations, unprecedented criteria and issues are coming up for national decision.
Herman Kahn

Why a World Affairs Council?

A Nation-Wide System
The Peoria Area World Affairs Council is part of a nation-wide system of citizens committed to learning more about the world around us and how our communities fit into it. As a non-partisan organization, World Affairs Councils are open to all viewpoints and welcome open discussion of global events. 

Civil, Informed, and Lively Discourse
In an increasingly volatile political arena, World Affairs Councils represent a haven where civil discourse still rules the day. Members are not just welcome to disagree, but they are invited to voice differing viewpoints in order to facilitate a healthy learning environment. Members respect each other's differences, agree to disagree, and enjoy warm social gatherings for these discussions.

All People Welcome
Membership dues for the Peoria Area World Affairs Council are kept reasonable to allow for the largest variety of people to participate. Membership benefits include reduced or free programs, Daily Chatter, the weekly International News Quiz with prizes, discounts for major publications, an annual reception, and so much more. PAWAC also partners with other WACs around the country to expand the opportunities to learn and discuss the issues facing our world and our country.