August 25

7:00 PM

Robert Atkinson, Founder and President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, joins us to discuss the significance of the new U.S. industrial policy. Thursday, August 25 in Westlake 116 at Bradley University

What a New Industrial Policy Means for Economic, Cyber, and National Security

The United States has not had a formal industrial policy since the 1970s. Robert Atkinson leads a think tank that has been working to craft a new one, focusing on the need to reinvigorate the U.S. economy to thrive in this era of global integration. Just as the on-going war in Ukraine has pointed the focus of the U.S. and the world on energy and food supplies, the potential risk of China’s actions toward Taiwan heightens concerns about semi-conductor and chip manufacturing. The growing concerns of conflicts around the world resonate deeply for a wide range of industries and agriculture, and the U.S. economy more broadly.