April 11

6:00 PM

Dr. Sciubba takes a provocative approach in exploring today's global challenges. This conversation about the impact of the growing divide between the richest and poorest countries of the world is certain to generate lively discussion! This event will be held at the Bradley Student Center Ballroom at 7pm, dinner buffet 6pm.

8 Billion and Counting: How Sex, Death, and Migration Shape our World Dr. Jennifer Sciubba, Demographer and Security Specialist

This discussion draws on her recent book with this same title, offering a provocative description of the power of population change to create conditions for global transformation. Sciubba argues that the story of the twenty-first century is less a story about exponential growth, as the previous century was, than it is a story about differential growth--marked by a stark divide between the world's richest and poorest countries. A new perspective on immigration, climate change, identity politics, and security concerns, plus more!