September 16

7:00 PM

Two of the most experienced thought leaders on US policies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the broader region will share their insights and perspectives as we discuss recent events and how the US might proceed in the near- and long-term.

50th Anniversary Celebration "Reflections on Intervention" Featuring Ambassador Robert Ford (Syria, Iraq, Bahrain) and Ambassador Ronald Neumann (Afghanistan, Bahrain, Algeria)

Afghanistan and Iraq have been intertwined since the earliest days after 9/11. The impacts of U.S. policies, both realized and potential, loom large as the United States completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan this summer. Ambassador Robert Ford, former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Iraq and Algeria, and Ambassador Ronald Neumann, former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Bahrain, and Algeria, and advisor on Iraq, will join us for this dynamic program.

This event highlights the purpose of the Peoria Area World Affairs Councils that has been fostered and expanded for the past fifty years – to offer civil and engaging discussion of the world’s most pressing issues and how they affect us here in Central Illinois.