February 22

5:30 PM

Tickets are available through the museum - $5 for adults, free for students. Each year, PAWAC partners with the PRM to bring thought-provoking documentaries to their big screen and an expert to discuss them with participants. Discussion Leader: Dr. Nicholas Grossman, UIUC

PAWAC Documentaries at the Peoria Riverfront Museum

Our discussion leader is Dr. Nicholas Grossman, Assistant Professor of Political Science at UIUC, and author of Drones and Terrorism: Asymmetric Warfare and the Threat to Global Security.

This year, we have a double feature with two short films. The first documentary is "Drones, Hackers, and Mercenaries", produced by DW, the German news broadcasters. The second is "Drones and the Future of War", produced by Al Jazeera English. Since drones have become a key weapon in many conflicts, including Ukraine and in Gaza, the screening and discussion is timely, indeed. More details to come.