March 2

7:00 PM

His Excellency Ambassador Andrejs Pildegovics currently serves as the Permanent Representative to the United Nations for Latvia, a post he has held since 2018.

Insider's View of Latvia with H. E. Ambassador Andrejs Pildegovičs

This candid and open conversation with Ambassador Pildegovics is certain to inform us in Central Illinois about the concerns and aspirations of the Republic of Latvia. This country has been a member in good standing with NATO and the European Union, even as it pursues its own economic and political development in its post-Soviet space. A strong partner for the U.S. in promoting democratic government and a free market economy, Latvia has been working to secure reciprical support as it contemplates the actions of its neighbor, Russia, and what current events might mean for Latvia. 


This event will be held on Zoom. Please use the link below to register.