Confessions of a Corporate Lobbyist with Michael Maibach


Blog by Angela Weck

With a crowd of hometown friends, co-workers from his days at Caterpillar, and the usual PAWAC members, Michael Maibach regaled the audience with true stories from his days as a corporate lobbyist.  He focused largely on his days at the Intel Corp, a microprocessor company that has grown into a world-wide leader in the industry.

Maibach outlined the style of practice that he and his team employed at Intel, a philosophy that came down directly from the founders of the company, whom Maibach described as humble and honest.  Maibach listed ethics, a results- oriented approach, and a constant focus on the company, the industry and the host communities when dealing with politicians. He noted the importance of staying on focus and not straying to the social or cultural politics of the day.

He also listed a few of “Maibach’s Laws of Lobbying.”  These “laws” include: be respectful and gracious; always tell the truth; always tell both sides as it builds credibility; never threaten but stick to what is at stake; lobby with competitors as one company is a special interest but three companies is an industry; and remember that “people die for their country, not for their company.”

Maibach served the company for 18 years as the VP for Corporate Global Affairs at Intel from 1983-2001 and at Caterpillar from 1976-1983.  He is currently a Senior Fellow at the American Opportunity Foundation, and an outspoken advocate for strong TransAtlantic trade and cooperation.