A Taste of India


Illinois Central College Peoria, Dogwood Hall 
Blog by Angela Weck

For the third year, the Culinary Arts Program at ICC North has impressed us with their interpretation of food from around the world. The dishes were delicious and mild enough for every palate.  They were so beautifully presented that it was a shame to eat them!
The evening was more of a “happening” than just a nice dinner out.  Upon entering Dogwood Hall, guests were treated to the gentle scents of incense.  A delightful cup of chai was offered, with honey and sugar for sweetening, if desired.  Samosas (contributed by our friends at Swagat on North University) and a special selection of spices with rice for tasting started off the culinary adventure.  Naan with tamarind sauce, mint chutney, and tomato “pickle” were served at each table. The multi-course meal started with tofu kofta curry, followed by sweet corn masala, palak paneer, and lemon rice.  It was topped off with pisla kulfi, gulab jamun, and kheer. A special mango lassi complimented the meal.
The room was lined with various instruments from India, examples of men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, and a Natarajar were on display.  A video of music and sights from India played throughout the evening. Several guests came in their own attire, and clothing items were available if guests wanted to take a photo of themselves.
Chef Charles Robertson and Chef Keith Shank introduced the students from around the country and around the world, clearly demonstrating that this program has grown and its students are exceptional.  The Taste of India was a terrific event – can’t wait to see what we cook up for next year!!