The Leadership Crisis in Illinois, America, and the World


Bradley Student Center Ballroom

Blog by Angela Weck

The Leadership Crisis in Illinois, America, and the World

John Shaw, Executive Director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University
Author of the PAWAC Reads! Book Club selection: Rising Star, Setting Sun: Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and the Presidential Transition that Changed America

Mr. Shaw led off with several fascinating stories from his time as a journalist and political analyst in Washington, DC.  Comparing the leadership styles of members of Congress, from both parties and from both houses, and those of other political figures, such as diplomats, he noted that all true leaders share the common trait of being able to truly listening and form thoughtful responses.  He also noted that bipartisanship should be the primary choice of policy-making, rather than supporting one's party at the expense of the people.

For the people in the audience, especially the students, he offered a few pointed criticisms of the media to consider.  While he did not venture into the unwinnable debate about "fake news," he did discuss the current practice of some people in the media who seek to grow their audience by chasing the more sensational aspects of a story.  He cautioned the audience to be critical of what they read and hear, and to use multiple sources for their news to achieve the most balanced news.