Without high degrees of social capital, you don’t get the vigor of debate and exchange that hard problems demand.
Margaret Heffernan

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Unilateral preemption should not in any way be the model for how we conduct international relations.
Mohamed ElBaradei

Board of Directors

  • Class of 2023
    • Anne Fox – Red Cross (retired)
    • Don Samford – Eureka High School (retired)
    • Dr. Beverly Ketel – UnityPoint Hospital (retired)
  • Class of 2024
    • Edith Barnard – Barnard Communications
    • Michelle Eaton - Bradley University
    • Gregory Wilson - Illinois Central College and Peoria Public School Board President
    • Joshua Zulu - Caterpillar, Inc. (retired)

Executive Officers

  • President Julia Ghantous
    Julia Issa Ghantous teaches at Illinois Central College. She has been a long-time supporter and board member of PAWAC, and she is anxious to lend her leadership to this important community organization.                 
  • President Elect Conrad Stinnett

  • Immediate Past President Octavian Gabor
    Dr. Gabor is a Professor of Philosophy and the Humanities at Methodist College in Peoria.  He earned his PhD in Philosophy from Purdue University, and his master's degree in English Language and Literature at Virginia Tech. In addition, he has a BA in Journalism and Communication, a MA in Communication Studies, and a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Bucharest. A native of Romania, he brings a wide range of experience and ideas for making terrific programs.

  • Treasurer Michael Gilles
    Michael Gilles graduated with an MBA from Bradley University in the spring of 2013, and he is a Certified Treasury Professional.  He has 6 years of experience working in Corporate Treasury, currently working as the Treasury Analyst at Peoria Disposal Company. “I look forward to taking on the treasurer’s position and following up on what Charles Bush has implemented into the organization.”

  • Secretary Connie Tomczyk
    Connie Tomczyk is a wife and mother. Married to Chet for over 50 years, she raised three children who are wonderful, contributing adults, and she also has three adult grandsons.  She taught school for 22 years in 3 different states, middle school science primarily.  She also worked in the administrative offices of the Monroe County, Indiana court system for 5 years, and as the secretary of Holy Family Parish in Peoria for 10 years.